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Nebraska’s hard water can take a toll on plumbing systems and appliances, and toilets are no exception. We have seen everything in our years of service from running toilets to toilets leaking at the base and toilets that stop up often.

Over 20 Years of Plumbing Experience in Omaha

No one ever wants to have a non-functional toilet. Especially if it's the only one in the house. No matter the occasion, you will want the problem fixed and done right. Jeff Mumm Plumbing has the experience and tools to get your toilet back up and running again. We have been helping our residential and commercial customers with a variety of toilet issues for over 20 years.

Thorough Toilet Repairs

Call Jeff Mumm Plumbing to get your toilet repaired or replaced by our experienced plumbers. No matter the size of the job or type of toilet, you will get the same, professional toilet repair and installation service every time you call us!

We Offer Services For

  • Toilet tank fill valve
  • Toilet flapper
  • Toilet flush valve
  • Toilet tank ball
  • Toilet sealant ring
  • Toilet valve seat
  • Toilet lift chain

Professional Toilet Repair and Installation Services

  • We specialize in service calls and remodel plumbing projects
  • Reliable and fast service
  • Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal
  • Over 20 years of combined plumbing experience
  • Friendly and clean service from door to door
Call us
today for all your toilet repair needs.
We do not upsell projects, no service contracts. We fix what you call us to fix, at a great price.
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